Paper Lantern Lit is a boutique literary development company committed to quality fiction and fresh voices.

WHAT TO SUBMIT: Please include your resume, a brief bio, and a ten-page sample of your best writing (preferably fiction). Also, make sure to let us know where you heard about us! 

Please note that we are no longer accepting full manuscripts or e-books. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: We'd love to respond to all submissions right away! However, due to a high volume of submissions, we now have quarterly reading periods. This means you might not hear from us for up to 3-4 months. We appreciate your patience while we process all of our incredible submissions! 

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: If your submission is declined, we welcome you to submit again whenever you like. If your submission is accepted, this does not guarantee that you will audition for one of our projects.  Rather, it means that we think you have promise has a writer, but we will only follow up if we feel that you might be a good fit for a specific project. 

Fortunately, we accept many talented writers; unfortunately, we simply have more candidates than projects at any given time. If you don't audition for a project within six months of being accepted, you must re-submit. 

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit. Please visit for answers to frequently asked questions about our submissions/audition process.  

Paper Lantern Lit